Room Reservation Reminders


Contributed by Kimberly Wojtanik

As everyone returns to campus, many people begin planning for upcoming events.

As a result of the rush to secure space, the normal processing time will be extended to 72 working hours response time. Our goal is to accommodate as many requests as possible by planning ahead and assigning space appropriately. Please submit your requests via e-mail to and include the following:

Your name
Sponsoring organization or department
Title of the event
Date of event
Time of event
Expected attendance
Event details (catering, audio-visual, etc.)
Preferred and alternate room

If you have an existing event that you would like to update, PLEASE provide the reference number (located in the top right corner of your reservation confirmation, ex: 2007-AAXDBF).

As you know, space on campus is at a premium. If you have reserved a space and you discover that it is no longer needed, please cancel your reservation as soon as possible so the space may be released for the use of others. A space must be officially released by the Scheduling Coordinator before it can be re-assigned to others.

Thank you very much for your patience and support. We look forward to working with you in planning your future events.