Fall 2007 Package Arrival and Pick Up Information


Contributed by Karen Serbonich

Welcome new and returning students!

We are staffing the Phillips Hall Post Office (Union Post Office) and the Mail Center during the weekends of August 25th and 26th and Sept. 1st and 2nd from 10:30AM-4:45PM to provide you additional opportunity to pick up your packages. You must present your college ID to pick up your packages.

Your first notification that you have received a package will be via an email message to your college account stating the tracking number and location of the package. All packages are held at either the Phillips Hall Post Office located next to Macs/Bookstore or the Mail Center, located in the Public Safety/General Services building. Read your email notification thoroughly because you can have packages at both locations.

An alphabetical list of received packages will be available at the Phillips Hall Post Office for you to check.

Call 274-3371 if you have any questions

Mailrooms will not be staffed until Wednesday, August 29th.