Sustainability Café: "Career Planning in the Environmental Field" on Monday, October 15


Contributed by Marian Brown

On Monday, October 15, at 4:00 p.m. in Friends 201, the Sustainability Cafe topic will be, "Career Planning in the Environmental Field, and Trends Affecting Environmental Careers," presented by Robert Goldman.

Robert K. Goldman is director of global environmental programs for Arcadis, an international company providing consultancy, engineering, and management services in infrastructure, environment, and facilities, to enhance mobility, sustainability, and quality of life. Arcadis conducts its business in a sustainable way, taking responsibility for the effects its activities have on the human habitat.

This Café is cosponsored by the the Ithaca College Office of Career Services and the Environmental Seminar.

"Teachable edibles" -- seasonal, organic, and/or local foods -- for the fall 2007 Sustainability Café series are being supported by Ithaca College Dining Services. Please bring your reusable mug and fill up at the drinking fountain or provide your beverage of choice.

Drink in a new way to think in the Sustainability Café.