Test of Emergency Notification System Scheduled for Thursday, March 6


Contributed by David Maley

Ithaca College will conduct a test of its Emergency Notification System (ENS) during the noon hour on Thursday, March 6. Members of the campus community who have not already signed up to receive alerts through the system are urged to do so prior to the test.

The college will use the Emergency Notification System to send vital information via voice, e-mail, and text messaging in the event of a crisis. In order to receive alerts using all three methods, students, faculty, and staff must go to www.ithaca.edu/emergencynotification and log into the system using their Ithaca College e-mail username and password.

By default, messages that are sent through the ENS will go to all active Ithaca College e-mail accounts and to faculty and staff office telephones that are listed in the campus directory. The ENS website provides the option of adding other contact methods, including a personal e-mail address you use frequently (e.g. Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo), a cell phone number for text messages, and telephone numbers at which you would like to receive the voice message (e.g. cell, parents, spouse, home phone).

Faculty and staff members who do not currently have the number for the telephone at their desk listed in the campus phone directory should consider adding that as one of their optional phone numbers. Please be aware that, because of the limited number of campus telephone lines, the test message will not be received by all office phones at the same time.

More information on the Emergency Notification System can be found on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, at: