You Posted WHAT on Facebook?


Contributed by Jennifer Kellington

Are you a Digital Citizen? Tips for Positive Social Networking and Utilizing the Internet

Create a public presence that you want others to see! When posting things on the internet using webpages, blogs, and personal spaces such as Facebook and MySpace, remember that your content can be viewed by anyone using the internet. Think about what employers might be looking at when doing your job search!

Use the internet to market yourself and the work that you have done! If you have completed an internship or volunteer experience, you may want to put pictures from your experiences on your Facebook or MySpace page.

Be careful with the amount of information that you post on the web! You may not want to include your class schedule, your address, or other personal information, because predators are on the lookout for easy targets.

Set your profile to private! If you have the option to set your profile to private, you will probably want to do so, unless you want future employers, supervisors, or others to see it. This is a way of protecting yourself -- not only from others on the web, but a way for only your friends to know what you did last weekend.

Remember, if you happen to set your profile to public, make sure to include pictures that represent you in a positive manner so that employers would be impressed, rather than turned away.

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