Tuesday Salon: Naeem Inayatullah, "Pakistan Images: Everyday Life in a 'Most Dangerous Place' "


Contributed by Cheryl Kramer

Please join us in the Handwerker Gallery at 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 3, for "Pakistan Images: Everyday Life in a 'Most Dangerous Place,' " the first Tuesday Salon of the semester.

Our image of Pakistan is constructed by what we see in the news: pictures of screaming demonstrators. But there are few to no pictures of Pakistanis living their daily lives. Back from four weeks in three cities in Pakistan, Naeem Inayatullah, associate professor in the Department of Politics, would like to share images of daily life in Pakistan and hear your responses to these images and how the compare with your conceptions of Pakistan.

The Tuesday Salon is a Handwerker Gallery program aimed at providing students, faculty, staff, and members of the community a forum outside of the classroom for intellectual discussion and debate. Topics are selected by a guest discussant, who provides a 10-minute introduction and moderates the ensuing conversation. For more information please contact Cheryl Kramer, Handwerker Gallery director, at ckramer@ithaca.edu.