Thursdays at the Handwerker:  "Come, Look, and Listen."


Contributed by Cheryl Kramer

Please join us in the Handwerker Gallery at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, November 12, for "Come, Look, and Listen," a program in which Introduction to Museology students Melissa Newmann and Kristina O'Connor will demonstrate how the traditional gallery setting affects how one views art.

"By changing that atmosphere, we believe a gallery can take on an entirely new entity.  By adding music, sounds, and a film to the gallery we hope to challenge, enhance, engage, and stimulate an audience in a new way."

"Come, Look, and Listen" is an event for all ages, creating personal and subjective experiences.  We hope everyone who comes will experience the works of the Threads of Hope: The Chilean Arpillera Movement exhibition in the Handwerker Gallery in a fun, free, and exciting new way.

For more information contact Melissa Neumann at or Kristina O'Conner at