Campus Smoking Areas - Policy


Contributed by Sue DuBrava

It is important to remind everyone that the State of New York prohibits smoking in the public areas of all buildings within the state. As such Ithaca College has an established smoking policy (2.8.10) that directly addresses this for the campus community and provides a listing of the designated outdoor smoking areas.


The College is required to enforce public health law and cannot allow smoking in public spaces.

We ask smokers to keep this in mind by not smoking in vestibules and entrance ways, and confining their smoking to the designated outdoor smoking areas as established in the College's smoking policy. For your convenience I have also listed the designated smoking areas below:


Designated Outdoor Smoking Areas (Academic Buildings)

Admin Annex                                               

Alumni Hall                                      

Campus Center                                            

Center for Health Sciences              

Center for Natural Sciences            

Cerrache Center                              

Dillingham Center                            

East Tower                                       

Fitness Center                                   

Ford Hall/JJ Whalen Ctr                

Friends Hall                                                  

Gannett Center                                             

General Svc/Mail Center/Print Shop         

Hammond Health Center                

Hill Center                                                    

Job Hall                                             

Muller Center                                               

Office of Facilities-Administration             

Office of Facilities-Ground              

Office of Facilities-Shops/Warehouse         

Park Center                                      

Park Communications                     

Smiddy Hall                                                  

Terrace 1 (dining hall)                     

Textor Hall                                        

Towers Dining                                              

West Tower                                      

Peggy Ryan Williams Center         

Public Safety                                     

Williams Hall                                    


Designated Smoking Areas (Residence Halls)


College Circle Apartments              

Boothroyd Hall                                             

Emerson Hall                                                

East Tower                                       

West Tower                                      

Lower Quads (Bogard, Clarke, Eastman, Landon, Lyon)

Upper Quads (Hilliard, Holmes, Rowland, Tallcott)

Garden Apt (25, 26, 27, 28, & 29)  

Terrace 1 & 2                       

Terrace 3 - 13                      



No one person is responsible for enforcing this policy; we all play a role.

This policy has the support of Staff Council.