Upper Years pilot program for sophomores, juniors, & seniors coming to Terraces 9-12!


Contributed by Jessica Ecock

The Office of Residential Life and Judicial Affairs is excited to announce the development of the Upper Years pilot program, which will house sophomore, junior, and senior students in Terraces 9-12. The purpose of this focused residential area is to create an environment that intentionally addresses the developmental needs and academic pursuits of residents beyond their first year. 

In providing some focus for this population of students through both active and passive programming, we hope to collaborate with and showcase the services of various offices across campus.

If you would like to share information with this particular population or work with the Resident Assistant staff to provide bulletin boards or programming opportunities, feel free to contact Residence Director Jessica Ecock at jecock@ithaca.edu.


*Also, keep on the lookout for more information on our "House Calls" program which will bring staff and faculty into the residence halls to see students outside of the classroom or the campus center, and to see the residence halls themselves!