Men's Club Volleyball Open Gym and Tryouts Set for September 8th & 13th


Contributed by Carter Raines

Upcoming Men's Club Volleyball Open Gym Wednesday, September 8th and Team Tryouts to be held on Monday, September 13th, both in Hill Center Gym 3 @ 8:30pm-10pm.

The Men's Volleyball Club will be hosting an open gym Wednesday, September 8th from 8:30pm-10pm in Gym 3 in Hill Center on campus. All skill levels encouraged to come out an play.

Open Tryouts will then be held Monday, September 13th from 8:30pm-10pm in Gym 3 of the Hill center on campus and all skill levels are welcome to tryout! Have more questions about tryouts or the club in general? Please feel free to email Andrew Whiston (

****NEW! Please fill out the Sport Club Participation Argreement online before open gym and tryouts. The college requires all students fill out the online form before participating in any club organized activity, including tryouts. The link is---> Once again, please fill this form out and check the men's volleyball box before coming to open gym and tryouts. Thanks!

Note: IC's Women's Club volleyball team will be playing on the same days and in the same gym but from 7:00pm-8:30pm.