Leon W. Couch III presents a research paper at conference in South Korea


Contributed by Leon W. Couch

Dr. Couch read his paper entitled “The Homage: Eben's Analysis of Buxtehude” at The College Music Society’s 2011 International Conference in Seoul and Gyeongju, South Korea (July 3–10, 2011).

Composed in 1987, the composition Hommage à Dietrich Buxtehude by Petr Eben (1929–2007) betrays Eben’s thoughts about Buxtehude’s forms as well as parodies Buxtehude's compositional style.  During the past two decades, the music of Dieterich Buxtehude (c1637–1707) has continually gained popularity in early-music circles.  This paper presents a fresh look at both composer's works and is part of a larger study intended for publication.

In Seoul, the conference was hosted by Ewha Woman's University, a highly ranked institution. 

Dr. Couch's professional webpages can be found at http://ProfCouch.us/ .