Handwerker Salon Series: Kurt and Callie and Waylon Smithers too - Media Portrayals of LGBT Characters, Wed Sept. 7 at 4 pm


Contributed by Luca Maurer

There are more LGBT characters on TV than ever before. The cover of Entertainment Weekly recently declared "How Glee is leading TVs gay-teen revolution." Is there a a revolution? If so, is everyone included? Come contribute to a discussion of what's going right, what's going wrong, who the characters are that you love to watch, and who would be the characters you want to see in the future? Wednesday, September 7, 4 pm in the Handwerker Gallery on campus.


The Salon series is a Handwerker Gallery program aimed at providing students, faculty, staff and members of the community a forum outside of a classroom setting for intellectual discussion and debate. Topics are selected by a guest discussant, who will provide a 10-minute introduction and moderate the ensuing conversation.

Individuals with disabilities who require accommodations should contact the Handwerker Gallery at 607-274-3018. We ask that accommodation requests be made as soon as possible.