Matthew Sullivan, Associate Professor of Physics, Appears on Popular TV Show The Colbert Report


Contributed by Mark Temelko

Matthew Sullivan, associate professor of physics, appeared on the the Comedy Central television show, The Colbert Report, on Wednesday, November 9, 2011. Matt demonstrated examples of his research in superconductivity—while also helping Stephen Colbert in his ongoing rivalry with fellow television host Jimmy Fallon. Click here to view the segment with Matt on the Colbert Report; and here to see the youtube videos that got the attention of the producers. 

As assistant professor of physics Kelley Sullivan noted in an email to colleagues and students, Matt's appearance was made possible by contributions from many members of the Ithaca College community:

"Many thanks to students Jodi-Ann McLean and Andrew Hope, who traveled with Matt to NYC and were integral in getting the demonstration ready for prime-time. Also, thanks to James Munro for his work getting the demo prepared before the departure to NYC. And to Arnold Kotlyarevsky and Charlie Strehlow, former students who built the tracks featured in the segment, and also produced (with others) the YouTube movies that caught the attention of the folks at the Colbert Report."