Pulsar and Memphis Files Moving to New Server


Contributed by Karen Sunderland

In the coming weeks, ITS will be working to implement another major phase of the Networking and Security re-Architecture (NSrA) project, which is to move files from the Novell file servers (Memphis and Pulsar) to the Active Directory (AD) file server called Mentor.

Starting on Friday, July 13th at 3:00 PM, all personal Novell folders will be moved from Memphis and Pulsar to the new Mentor AD server. Users will not have access to their personal folder for approximately 24 hours. Shared departmental folders will be moved later in the summer (also to the Mentor server).

This change affects both Mac and Windows users (for the latter, the personal folder is commonly known as "G" drive). In many respects, accessing files on Mentor will be very similar to how they were accessed on Novell. However, users will need to create new shortcuts, and will also need to use a new process for connecting to Mentor from off campus.

Complete details along with Quick Guides will be posted to Intercom next week. 

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