Haaf (Chemistry) and Ithaca College Chemistry students co-author two publications.


Contributed by Mike Haaf

Two publications from Mike Haaf's lab have recently been published.  Each paper lists several IC students as coauthors, including Jonathan Shares (`07), Amanda Kowalsick (`08), Jenna Yehl (`08), Philip Byers (08`), Samantha Cary (`12), Steven Hubbard (`12), Alex Levine (`10) and Joshua Roaf (`10).


"An Efficient Synthesis of Tertiary Amines from Aprotic Solvents" appears in the journal Tetrahedron Letters, and was co-authored by Jonathan Shares (`07), Amanda Kowalsick (`08), Jenna Yehl (`08), and Philip Byers (`08).


"Bis(8-quinolinolato)aluminum Ethyl Complexes: Iso-Selective Initiators for rac-Lactide Polymerization" appears in the journal Organometallics and was co-authored by Samantha Cary (`12), Steven Hubbard (`12), Alex Levine (`10) and Joshua Roaf (`10).  The paper represents a collaboration between the Haaf lab at IC and the research lab of Dr. Charlotte Williams at Imperial College in London.