FYE donates items that no longer meet the new IC branding standards


Contributed by Joelle Albertsman

When the new branding standards for Ithaca College went into effect recently, the First-Year Experience (FYE) found themselves with thousands of t-shirts and other items that they could no longer use.  FYE contacted Mark Darling, Sustainability Programs Coordinator, to find out what options were available to us and Mark sent us Kendall McBean, an IC employee, and a beautiful friendship was born!

Today, students at Bamia Primary School, Guyana, South America, are all smiles as they proudly display items donated to their school.  This donation was made possible by a recent trip made by Mr. & Mrs. Emmanuel 'Kendall' McBean, along with the help of other staff members at IC and FYE!  Bamia was one of 15 Primary, Secondary, and High Schools that received donations during Mr. & Mrs. McBean's recent trip to their homeland, Guyana, South America in June of 2012.  This was a kind gesture to give back to a community of school children.  A special stuffed animal was presented to the student with the best attendance, only missing one day of school last year!  The staff and students appreciated all the donations given to them!  And First-Year Experience was grateful for the opportunity to find a reuse for their items and such a cause so important and heartwarming!