Fresh produce from the IC Organic Garden! Will deliver to your campus office!


Contributed by Amber Zadrozny

The IC Organic Garden (not the one by Williams, although that looks lovely too!) is looking beautiful! We're bursting with veggies, and we have so many that we'd like to share with the campus community! 

Crops ready to be harvested include:

- kale,

- swiss chard,

- sweet peppers (green bell and red jimmy nardellos)

- pickling cucumbers,

- lemon balm,

- spearmint,

- garlic,

If interested, please email me at I'll harvest and then deliver to anywhere on campus! If you can, we ask for a small suggested donation that goes directly to the Organic Growers of IC. You choose the price - but for garlic we ask $2 a head or 3 heads for $5. What a deal!