Physical Activity & Music = Fun


Contributed by Robin Davis

Let's get some exercise AND help Kristopher Bly, HSHP Exercise Science graduate student, complete his thesis project. See his request below:

The study is being conducted as a requirement of the exercise science graduate program and intends to examine the effects of music tempos on exercise, mood, and attentional focus tendencies during a 4800 m self paced run. The study will be conducted at the indoor track of the athletic and events center and will require 1 hour a day for three days for a total of three hours of your time. Participants may experience muscle soreness after completion of the run. You may choose not to answer any of the questions that you may feel to be uncomfortable answering and can withdraw from the study at any time. If you are interested in being apart of this study or have any questions in regards to the study please contact Kristopher Bly at or at 607-377-4341.

MBM participants earn 25 incentive points for participation in this activity!