Social Media Now Part of College's Identity Standards


Contributed by Robertson Engelsman

I am proud to announce that a section on social media has been added to Ithaca College’s Identity Standards guide to help you represent your department or organization in a manner consistent with other entities on campus and also to make recommendations on ways you can show your Ithaca College pride on your personal profiles. The new standards and optional downloads of background templates and cover photos are available at

The standards document details the use of avatars, backgrounds, profile photos, and Facebook timeline cover photos for official and unofficial purposes. These standards are mainly for Facebook and Twitter, but they also provide guidance for applying the standards across all social media.

The first portion of the guide is focused on official Ithaca College departments, schools, and offices. The items available for download can be used to help distinguish your social media presence as an Ithaca College entity while still remaining unique and personal.

The second part of the addition to the standards applies to student organizations, alumni, students, faculty, staff members, and general fans of the College. We have tried to allow for lots of flexibility while also presenting what we believe are the best options for using and showcasing Ithaca College in social media.

For questions regarding these social media standards, contact me directly at