Office of the Provost Places New Restrictions on Faculty Requests for Internal Funding and Grants


Contributed by MaryAnn Taylor

Originally posted in Intercom on July 24, 2012
Submitted by Dr. Margaret L. Arnold, Special Assistant to the Provost


Faculty are encouraged to review new guidelines pertaining to requesting travel funding, academic project grants, and faculty/student academic challenge funding.  Specific changes that faculty need to be made aware of include new application deadlines and the heightened priority of requests that align with IC 20/20 initiatives. Specifically, Provost travel funding requests will now need to be received by the Office of the Provost at least sixty (60) days prior to date of travel, and a greater priority will be given to any request (i.e., travel, academic project grant, and academic challenge funding) that can demonstrate a direct or indirect alignment with the IC 20/20 plan. Please review the new guidelines by visiting the Office of the Provost. Although the changes will become effective October 1, there will be a transitional grace period for travel requests received by September 1st that do not meet the sixty (60) days prior to date of travel policy.

Questions may be directed to Margaret Arnold