Updates Regarding the Office of Grants and Sponsored Projects


Contributed by Grace Farah

Will Kay is continuing in the role as Acting Director of Grants and Sponsored Projects.

If you plan to submit a proposal in the coming semester, please familiarize yourself with the  Grants and Sponsored Projects website as well as the routing process that includes submitting an Intent to Submit Form  6-8 weeks before you plan to submit your proposal and completing an Accelerated Routing Form 2 weeks before your submittal.  The process is required to ensure campus approvals are in place for your proposal.

Additional support for developing funding opportunities, preparing your proposal, or completing the Intent to Submit or Routing forms is available.  Please contact acadfund@ithaca.edu for assistance.  For post-award grants administration (i.e. financial questions regarding budget, costing, and financial reporting), contact Susan Weatherby, Senior Accountant in the Financial Services Office, at acadfund@ithaca.edu or 274-5795.

In light of the continuing changes to the external grant seeking process, faculty and staff are encouraged to check the Faculty Research link under the Provost’s website to keep up-to-date on grant submittal requirements.  Any questions, comments, or suggestions can be made at acadfund@ithaca.edu.