Survey and Other Research Involving Human Subjects Requires Review


Contributed by Grace Farah

The following is contributed on behalf of William Kay, Acting Director of Grants and Sponsored Projects:

The All-College Review Board for Human Subjects Research (HSR) is responsible for reviewing all college research and teaching activities (i.e. surveys) conducted by faculty, staff, and students that involve the use of human subjects.

If you are uncertain whether your project requires review, or if you plan to submit an HSR proposal in the coming semester, please visit the All-College Review Board on Human Subjects Research  website. Submission deadlines for proposals and information on the application process are also posted on this site.  

Additional support for preparing and submitting proposals is available.  Please contact for assistance.

Finally, all federally funded faculty and student researches must complete CITI training in the ethical and responsible conduct of research.  Additional information is available by contacting or at 4-3113.