Emergency Notifications Sign-up to Appear on myHome Portal Log-in


Contributed by David Maley

New and returning students, along with faculty and staff, are strongly encouraged to sign up for Ithaca College’s Emergency Notification System (ENS), which uses voice, e-mail, and text messaging to provide time-sensitive information during critical situations.

When you log into the Ithaca College myHome portal on Thursday, Aug. 30, the ENS sign-up page will automatically appear. We urge you to add or update your contact information when you see this page. This will be repeated at the beginning of each semester, though you may add/update your information at any time by going to the ENS website.

A test of the ENS will take place during the noon hour on Thursday, Sept. 13. Also tested on that date will be the Outdoor Warning System, which features a siren tone and a loudspeaker message. There is nothing you need to do in response to the tests.