Congratulations to Adam Lee and His New Position Within ITS!


Contributed by Beth Rugg

The good news is Adam Lee, ITS Helpdesk, has received a promotion and will be moving up to the 3rd floor of Job Hall as a new ITS Project Manager. The bad news is Adam will no longer be working at the Helpdesk as of September 17th, 2012!

Adam has provided outstanding support and service at the Helpdesk since October of 2006. Adam is an expert in all of our college systems, software and hardware and has provided leadership at the Helpdesk and in our mobile device and smart phone support. Adam's goofy sense of humor, winning smile and calm and patient attitude will be sorely missed. But, he has worked hard to obtain his MBA from the Business School and we are pleased that he will still be working for ITS and at the College.

If you have been contacting Adam directly, those support questions should be sent to the Helpdesk at not to Adam personally. We also appreciate your patience and support over the coming weeks as we work to fill this vacancy.