Requesting Funds from SGA


Contributed by Robert Hohn

Below are the six simple steps that an organization must take in order to request funds from SGA:

1. Become a registered student organization through OSEMA

        -Registration is occurring now! To get more information on the registration process, click here.

2. Attend a Funding 101 Session

        -ALL treasurers must attend a Funding 101 Session in order for their organization(s) to be considered for funds from SGA. 

3. Prepare a Budget Proposal

        -Itemized spreadsheet outlining:
               -Operation Costs
               -Programming Costs
               -Travel Event Costs
               -Fundraising Costs
        -Spreadsheet templates can be found here!

4. Submit a Funding Request

        -Online form that must be completed in order to be considered to receive funds
               -Provide general organizational information
               -Provide rationale as to why your organization is requesting the funds in question
               -Upload your Budget Proposal
               -Schedule (or defer) an appointment with the Appropriations Committee
        -The Funding Request site can be found here beginning September 19 at 10 AM

5.     Submit an Advisor Approval

        -A comprehensive email outlining the submitted Funding Request 
        -These emails are generated and delivered to the advisor automatically after a Funding Request is submitted
        -The organization treasurer is automatically notified once an advisor submits their Advisor Approval online

6.     Attend an Appropriations Committee meeting

        -Dates: Every Wednesday evening (unless noted otherwise)
        -Time: 7:00 PM-11:00 PM
        -Location: Cayuga Lake Meeting Room

If you have any further questions or are in need of any accommodations, feel free to email the Vice President of Business & Finance, Robert Hohn, at