Got Computer Programming Skills? Internship/Job Opportunity!


Contributed by Lauren Goldberg

Swidjit is looking for computer programmers to help develop an emerging social media platform.


This is an exciting and unique opportunity to work with a local web start-up / social enterprise that plans on making big strides this semester and big differences in this world.  Working with Swidjit will give you a chance to put your skills to use doing something that matters, and something that will directly affect the people around you.  Furthermore, being involved at such an early stage, and being in direct contact with the CEO, you will have a chance to make a measurable impact on the business and product.  It will also be fun!

Position : Ruby on Rails Development
Desc: Assist/lead in developing new features and refining the existing one.
Req: 3+ years general programming experience, studying computer/information science (or related field), competence in Ruby, Rails framework & Javascript.  Bonus skills:  CSS, AJAX, jQuery
Time: 5-10 hrs/wk
Pay: $12-20/hr, depending on experience

Check out the Swidjit Blog for more information on available positions:

If you are interested in a position and/or finding out more about Swidjit, contact Alex Colket at