Humans vs. Zombies Round One- 9/17 though 9/27


Contributed by Benjamin Bartell

 Ithaca College Humans vs. Zombies club will be hosting our first round of the semester starting Monday, September 17th.  The pre-game meeting will be held on Sunday the 16th at 4:00 in Textor 101.

 The Humans vs. Zombies club will be hosting the first round of a modified game of tag, in which "Humans", armed with Nerf guns, will be fighting against the "Zombies" who will be trying to tag and turn them.  The round will last from Monday, September 17th and will end Saturday, September 27th.  There will be a pre-game informational meeting the Sunday preceeding the round, to explain the story of the round, as well as provide the times for each meeting, and to have an opportunity for players to rent Nerf guns from our club to use in the round.  All are welcome.