Fringe Benefit and Indirect Rates


Contributed by Grace Farah

The Office of the Provost is providing updated Fringe Benefit and Indirect Cost rates to be used for external funding proposals.

These rates are particularly important for federal grant proposals where the College receives funding to offset the cost of fringe benefits, the cost of grants administration and institutional costs associated with research activities.

Fringe benefit rates were calculated using FY 2012 budget information. The rates are the same as AY 2011-2012. The following rates are to be used for developing budgets for federal grants and other funding sources where applicable:

AY 2012-13 Fringe Benefit Calculation

Staff: 30.75%

Faculty, academic year effort: 30.75%

Faculty, summer and sabbatical: 14.65%

Student: 9%

Indirect Rates

The indirect rate is established through negotiation with the federal government and is 59.5% for AY 2012-2013.

If you are interested in additional details regarding fringe rates and indirect costs, please contact the Office of Provost at  or 274-3113.