Timecards Due


Contributed by Donna Veres

Timecards for the pay period September 10-September 23 must be submitted and approved by all supervisors before noon on Tuesday, September 25th.  

Just a few reminders about submitting timecards in Parnassus:


·         Please verify the dates of your timecard. We need the timecard for the pay period September 10 through September 23. Any timecards for future dates will NOT be processed. You can verify the dates of your timecard on the top of the timecard, as well as on the individual days in which you put your hours.

·         You must put all of your hours for all of your assignments on one timecard. Once your timecard has been approved, neither you, nor your supervisor, can make changes to it. 

·         Please make sure you choose an assignment for each of your jobs on campus. If you do not have an assignment for your job under the list of values for “Assignment,” please contact your supervisor. You cannot submit your timecard without choosing an assignment first.

·         You can view the status of your timecard by clicking on “Recent Timecards.” Only timecards with a Timecard Status of Approved will be processed. If your timecard is in “Working” or “Rejected” status, please click on update and submit the timecard to your supervisor(s). If your timecard is in a “Submitted” status, please contact your supervisor(s) to approve. It is the employee’s responsibility to verify that the timecard is approved. You will receive an email confirmation when all supervisors have approved your timecard.

·         Timecards submitted and/or approved after Tuesday, September 25 will not be processed until the next payroll.   

Please feel free to call the Payroll Office at (607) 274-3874 or (607) 274-3133 or email  payroll@ithaca.edu with any questions.