Pep! (band)


Contributed by Andrew Horwitz

Do you like music? Do you like hotdogs? Do you like screaming your lungs out and playing 70s and 80s rock music as loud as possible while watching D-III football?

If you answered yes to any of the above and you come play with pep band at Bombers home football games, you will receive:
-Free admission to the football game
-A free hotdog and drink
-Ringing ears (optional without purchase of earplugs)
-A hoarse throat (optional without purchase of fun)

If you’re interested in obliterating the other team with a wall of noise, email Andrew Horwitz ( and let us know what instrument you play. We’ll add you to our email list and we’ll let you know about upcoming game times and any other large changes that come up. On gameday, bring your instrument to the Terraces side of the bleachers, just past the pressbox (look for the drumset and weird guy in a Waldo costume), and get ready to blast!

While we accept any amount of any instruments (the louder the better!), we may not be able to take all electric instruments because it’s hard to get power over to the pep band section of the stands. We’ll try our best! Individuals with disabilities requiring accommodations should contact Andrew Horwitz at