Written In My Heart: A Community Contributed and Interactive Performance


Contributed by Molly O'Shea Polk

Dawn Pierce, School of Music, is accepting video submissions until October 1st for inclusion in her October 8th recital. 

Listed here are ten quotes that will be recited during the recital. But, the performers aren't going to recite them. You are! Here's how:

Pick a quote or two and make a video of yourself reciting it. Quality is not the objective: creativity is. Make your video recording during a hike, skydiving, on the beach, in an airport, or even in the middle of the Amazon. It's entirely up to you! We want your interpretation and artistic touch.

So grab your cell phone, your laptop, or a video camera and go for it! You can record the quote anytime of day and anywhere in the world...but we do need your video before October 1st, 2012! Upload it to YouTube, Vimeo, or another video service, and then add the video to our collection by pasting in the URL of your video. We'll go through all the submissions and choose the final ten to be shown during the recital!

Please visit Dawn's Website for additional information. 

Disclaimer: by sharing your video with us, you are effectively giving us permission to use your video in our performances. You also attest that the video doesn't contain any other copyrighted material (like a Top 20 Hit) - just you and our quote!