Raymond Ghirardo & Megan Roberts in group exhibition "PAPYRI" in Venice


Contributed by Raymond Ghirardo

Raymond Ghirardo (Professor, Art) and Megan Roberts (Associate Professor, MASS) are included in an exhibition of artist books and other documents entitled “PAPYRI”  - Guestbooks, Bookworks and Similar Departures, by resident artists of the Emily Harvey Foundation 2004–2012  Curated by Berty Skuber October 19-27, 2012 Archivio Emily Harvey, Venice, Italy

"PAPYRI" is a recognition of the presence in Venice of all the various personalities who have been resident guests of the Emily Harvey Foundation since 2004: over 150 creative individuals (painters, sculptors, architects, photographers, publishers, calligraphers, poets, novelists, journalists, critics, composers, performers, stage designers, linguists, and a theoretical physicist) from 25 countries on six continents. 

In addition to the guestbooks which are found in the Foundation’s various residency apartments, the exhibition also presents a series of books and book-related works by Foundation guests. Some of the works were made in the course of the guests’ periods of residency in Venice, others refer back to those times, and many were made especially for this exhibition.