Dr. Angela Biselli of Fairfield University gives a talk.


Contributed by Jill Ackerman

Tuesday, October 16th at 12:10 in CNS 204

Dr. Angela Biselli of Fairfield University gives a talk entitled: What we are really made of: An Introduction to the Subatomic World of Nucleons, Resonances and Quarks and to How Physicists Explore It.

Since the time of ancient Greek philosophers, mankind has been trying to characterize matter in terms of fundamental building blocks. The modern vision is that matter is made of quarks and leptons. Although an enormous progress has been made in the past century in describing the world around us in terms of these particles, nuclear and high energy physicists continue to experimentally explore matter to gain additional knowledge about these particles, their properties and their interactions with each other. To explore the microscopic the world of elementary particles, physicists accelerate them, scatter them against other particles or against each other and look at the outcome of the reaction. In this talk I will present the experimental program of Jefferson Laboratory in VA, with particular focus on the study of nucleon structure using Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering.

Pizza and Refreshments will be available for $1. Please bring your own cup. Remember to Recycle, Reuse, Reduce.


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