Challenge Workforce Solutions "Partner of the Year" Recognition for Jane Ray & Michelle Rios-Dominguez!!!


Contributed by Tanisha Malone

On, Tuesday, October 17, Jane Ray, HR Specialist, and Michelle Rios-Dominguez, Senior Recruiter, were each recognized as "Partner of the Year" at the annual awards dinner held by Challenge Workforce Solutions! 

Challenge is a dynamic organization whose mission is to "support individuals with disabilities and other employment barriers [by] developing their skills, interests and talents [in order] to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s workplace and be productive and contributing members of their community."  In other words, this organization helps individuals face huge obstacles and challenges such as physical and mental disability – and provides services to assist the individual in successfully meeting his or her employment goals.

At the dinner, Jane and Michelle were recognized for their work with the organization's clients.  Words like "inspiring", "uplifting" and "special" were used as clients and staff of Challenge received awards for perseverance, longevity in the workforce, and overall success. The winners tell their personal stories of overcoming barriers and ultimately how they have found success in the workforce and their lives overall.  Michelle does a great deal to reach out to Challenge clients in order to help them develop themselves and be ready for these opportunities.  Jane also works with these individuals – especially when they are ready to "try it out" or assess their readiness for work.  

Also attending the event was Mark Coldren, AVP for Human Resources, who, in his own words, "is fortunate" to be a member of the Board for the organization.  Mark continues, "I was proud to be there to hear of the appreciation for their work – and more importantly for who they are as caring and helpful people."

Bravo, Jane and Michelle! BRAVO!