Earn 3 biology credits over winter break!


Contributed by Kimberly Anderson

BIOL 10700,  Human Genetics
12 day online course: January 7-18, 2013
No prerequisites, fulfills general education science requirement

How does my family history affect my health? Do genes make someone gay? Is my personality more influenced by genetics or your environment? Are humans still evolving? Did humans mate with Neanderthals? Can we clone people? Should we? How does DNA fingerprinting work? Can you trust results from a paternity test?  Can genetics explain religion?

This online course designed for the non-biology major will explore real-world issues in human genetics with an emphasis on personal health, the evolution of humans, and emerging ethical issues. The 12-day course is designed to be fun, interactive, fast-paced, and personalized to the goals and interests of each student. Get ready for a whirlwind tour of the biology of the human experience!

Register now on Homerconnect.  For more information, contact instructor Erica Marx at emarx@ithaca.edu.