Rob Licht to install site specific sculpture in the Sculpture Court of the Art Gallery in Reisman Hall at Cazenovia College.


Contributed by Rob Licht

Rob Licht, Art Preparator in the Handwerker Gallery here at IC, will be installing his own work at Cazenovia College this week.

The sculpture titled Domestic Landscape features three steel elements inspired the rolling glacial topography of the region. The work, which invites sit and relax on the gently curving forms, will remain in the Gallery Courtyard until October 2013. The open reception is this Thursday, November 8 from 4 to 5:30.


Licht’s work explores the influence of landscape on the individual by addressing the power of certain forms found in nature to evoke memory, emotion and anthropomorphic physicality. Of his work, he writes, “The steel sculptures presented are inspired by the glaciated topography that surrounds Cazenovia… The formal layout of the Sculpture Court suggests to me the formal arrangement of a long living room. By referencing the arrangement of furniture, the work encourages playful interaction. Resting on the sculptures, the viewer will, hopefully, gain an appreciation for the landscape features that predominate in the region.”

read the Cazenovia College press release for more information