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Quoted in the media: Faculty members Jack Powers, Stephen Tropiano, Carole Dennis, Sharon Stansfield and Helene Larin; students Ben Ratner, Minerva Dickson and Matthew Pappadia; and staff member Victor Rosa. For more information on the following articles, please visit the IC in the Media page at the Office of Media Relations:


IC in the Media

September 18, 2012
Ben Ratner, Ithaca College student
Fan Correction

Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
September 20, 2012
Minerva Dickson, Ithaca College student
Perps or pupils? Safety policy creates prison-like New York City Schools

September 27, 2012
Ithaca College
A day in the life of a college through ten disposable cameras left around campus

College Lifestyles
September 27, 2012
Matthew Pappadia, Ithaca College student
CL Interviews: Personal trainer Matthew Pappadia

E Online
September 28, 2012
Jack Powers, assistant professor of television and radio
How to still enjoy Sons of Anarchy, even after Johnny Lewis tragedy

September 25, 2012
Stephen Tropiano, associate professor at the JB Pendleton Center, Los Angeles
Gaycoms in a progressive age?

September 24, 2012
Victor Rosa, groundskeeper and light equipment operator
Employees of the Month

Scientific American
October 12, 2012
Carole Dennis, associate professor of occupational therapy; Sharon Stansfield, associate professor of computer science; and Helene Larin, associate professor of physical therapy
Cyborgs R Us: Infants get mobile with the aid of robotics