The College has Secured Special Pricing for Recycled Content Copy Paper


Contributed by Wayne French

In support of Ithaca College’s Sustainability Initiative, all offices on campus are asked to use only recycled content paper in their printers, copiers, fax and multi-function machines.

To assist in this effort, the College has secured special pricing on Hammermill® 30% recycled content copy paper through Eaton Office Supply (formerly Race Office Supply). This is the lowest price available for high-quality recycled paper, which will help departments reduce operating costs and eliminate the need to comparison shop for paper prices.

To receive this special pricing (for white paper only), departments will need to order their copy paper directly from Eaton Office Supply as follows:

1.  Submit a Registration for Departmental Account form to Eaton Office Supply.
Eaton will provide the department contact with a username and password.

2.  Order item# HAM86700 (Hammermill® 30% recycled paper).
rders will be delivered directly to the ship-to address provided on the account registration form and charged to the department’s purchasing card.

Questions? Contact Wayne French (4-5701) or Wendy Fonder (4-3220)