It’s Hump Day


Contributed by Marian Brown

... and we’re way over that hump! As of the end of the day Tuesday, the Ithaca College United Way campaign stands at $40,293, which is 62% of the way to our campus fundraising goal! We have already heard from 159 donors, a whopping 28 of them first-time donors. Well done, everyone! But this means that 90% of our campus community still hasn’t yet taken that step to complete and return their pledge card, including more than a hundred of you who did generously donate last year.

On this Hump Day, don't be part of that 90% group who are waiting for somebody else to take that next step. Take that step yourself! Please open your United Way pledge packet and take a look at all the great work in our community that the United Way can support - with your help. Most folks so far have opted for payroll deduction, but we have also received cash, checks, credit card authorizations, even a couple requests for United Way to bill the donor later. Any way you want to support this campus-wide fundraising effort, we’ll happily accept your gift.

Together, we can put our campus fundraising campaign over the top, and then some… The need in our community is great, so our campus goal of $65,000 does not need to be our end goal – let’s push well past it and really give a helping hand to our neighbors in need.

Now is the time to start thinking ahead about year-end charitable donations for tax filing purposes. Checks, cash and credit card donations received before the end of November would be recognized during this calendar year; please know that all donations to the United Way are fully tax-deductible.

Is YOUR pledge card in the campus mail yet? Everyone on campus should have received their pledge card by now - if you didn't get one for some reason, please contact Marian Brown (274-3787) to request a form.

Thanks from the 2012 Ithaca College United Way campaign committee.