Mary Jo Dudley to speak on Undocumented Immigrant Parents and their US Born Children


Contributed by Kimberly Baker

Mary Jo Dudley, Director of the Cornell Farmworker Program and a faculty member of the Department of Development Sociology, will present on "Families Torn Apart: Undocumented Immigrant Parents and their US Born Children.  This event takes place on Tuesday, December 4 at 12:15 PM in Clark Lounge. Pizza will be provided to attendees!

This event is the last in the Women’s Studies event series entitled, “From Reproductive Rights to Reproductive Justice: Reclaiming the Conversation on Sexual and Reproductive Issues.” Throughout the recent election, politicians focused almost exclusively on deeply politicized issues like abortion and birth control. While these issues are important, the Women’s Studies program is interested in expanding the conversation to include the wide range of issues surrounding sexuality and reproduction, including sexual self-determination, decisions about if and when to have children or not to have them, and the resources to raise children. In our series of events, we have chosen to shine the spotlight on people often left out of the reproductive rights discourse, particularly queer people, people with disabilities, and immigrant families.  

This event is free and open to the public. Individuals with disabilities requiring accommodations should contact Kim Baker at or 607-274-5122. We ask that requests for accommodations be made as soon as possible.