CORRECTION to Ithaca College Travel Policy Change


Contributed by Robert Cree

In the 11/27/12 edition of Intercom the Travel Services office announced a number of changes to the College’s travel policy.  Since that time we have received numerous requests for clarification pertaining to the newly added policy statement under the liquor section of the travel policy that states: 

 “College employees traveling with students should not consume alcohol for the duration of the trip.  Additionally, College funds may never be used to purchase alcohol for consumption by students.”

In view of the feedback received to date it has become clear that this policy statement does not account for all the various forms of travel that occur across this institution within any given fiscal year, therefore, the above referenced policy statement has been removed from the College’s travel policy effective immediately, and the original statement pertaining to the liquor section remains in effect and reads as follows:

“Reimbursements for alcoholic beverages from non-federal funds must be considered reasonable and prudent and should be submitted on an approved Expense Report Form with supporting documentation.  Expenditures determined to be excessive will not be reimbursed or paid for by the College.  Alcohol will not be paid for with College funds if consumed other than with a meal.”

I want to thank all of you that provided your feedback resulting in this resolution.