It's Not Too Late to Sign up for Indoor Winter Bike Storage! *New Price*


Contributed by Lauren Goldberg

Be the first to use the Bomber Bikes' brand new, secure INDOOR BIKE STORAGE ROOM!!

Bomber Bikes, in collaboration with Facilities and Residential Life, is excited to provide student bike-owners a space to keep bikes out of the harsh winter weather. Located in the basement of West Tower, the Bomber Bikes Storage room is under strict limited access, with multiple methods of security to keep your bike safe and dry this winter season.

NEW PRICE!! Typical storage units can cost HUNDREDS of dollars for only a few months. Bomber Bikes is only charging a one-time fee of $15 to store a bike from the beginning of Winter Break to the end of Spring Break or $10 for just Winter Break or just January 20th to Spring Break.

Bikes can be taken out and put back in at any time. Proceeds will help Bomber Bikes achieve initiatives such as buying tools to create a bike repair center as well as start a bike rental program on campus!

In addition to the storage fee, other requirements of the program include:

There is enough space to store 20 bicycles in the Bomber Bikes Storage Room. If you are interested in participating in the bike storage program, click the following link to sign up on our online registration form:

If you have any questions, feel free to email or contact Lauren Goldberg at