Mara Alper presents at Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans on Water Issues


Contributed by Mara Alper

Mara Alper (Media Arts) was invited to present at the Social Change Film Festival & Institute in New Orleans. The focus of this year's festival was "Water: Challenges & Solutions." Her talk Re-Imagining Water: Water Wisdom and Art was featured at the Contemporary Arts Center and her workshop Approaches to Environmental Media was at Zeitgeist Multidisciplinary Arts Center. The festival screened diverse films about water, and featured a wide range of experts grappling with New Orleans and Gulf Coast water issues.

The Social Change Film Festival & Institute (SCFFI) is a global community with a local presence, promoting transformative filmmaking & fostering social change. SCFFI features four days of films, panels, workshops, selected shorts and special events to inspire and build a global community focused on expanding the reach of conscious social change film and media.