Did HOMER stop you from registering for Elementary Italian or Spanish?


Contributed by Tina Bennett

Due to a glitch in HOMER, some Italian and Spanish courses appeared full when in fact, 
there were still several openings in them.  The problem has been fixed and you may now 
register for the following Elementary Italian and Spanish classes:

ITAL-10100-07, MWF 1:00, CRN 41135; Drill R 4:00 CRN 41136; Drill R 5:25 CRN 41137
ITAL-10100-10, MWF 2:00, CRN 41139; Drill R 8:25 CRN 41140; Drill R 4:00 CRN 41142
SPAN-10100-04, MWF 9:00, CRN 41215; Drill T 5:25 CRN 41217; Drill T 8:25 CRN 41218