Reader's Theatre of Ithaca Seeks Spring Intern


Contributed by Anthony DiRenzo

The Readers' Theater of Ithaca (RTI) offers H&S students the opportunity to work with a non-profit organization and gain experience in web-based marketing, brand development, and social networking and outreach.

RTI has developed a set six month plan, beginning in January 2013 and ending in May 2013 that will result in the launch of a brand new online identity for RTI with the opening of their 2013-2014 season in the fall.

Primary assignments for the web development and content marketing intern will include:

  1. Working with Anne Marie Cummings (Artistic Director, Founder RTI) to update website/homepage for the theatre.
  2. Updating currently existing social network pages to maximize impact to the largest possible audience.
  3. Developing an online community in the form of a blog to encourage conversation about the material of performances and the core mission and philosophy of the organization in order to extend the influence of Readers’ Theatre art and increase community participation.

Required Qualifications

Student interns must have their own computer to complete work and the following skills:

Additional Skills

These are not required, but can be incorporated if the intern possess the skills and the interest in applying them

Application Process

We are now accepting applications; we ask that students submit a:

  1. Cover Letter—detailing their interest in the project.
  2. Standard Resume—with relevant previous work experiences.
  3. Portfolio—any sample work, only if available.

Application materials, due January 7th, 2013, can be submitted to Anne Marie Cummings at:

with the following subject line:

This is an unpaid internship and students are responsible for and encouraged to apply for college credit for their work through the H&S Dean’s Office in Muller Hall.

Learn more about the organization at: