Explore Human Genetics! 12-day, online, non-majors biology course offered over winter break.


Contributed by Nancy Pierce

How much of my personality is controlled by my genes? What does it mean if alcoholism runs in my family?   Is there a gay gene?  Are humans evolving to be smarter?  Can genetic engineering create better athletes?  What can I learn about my ancestry from personal genetic testing?

Explore these questions and more in a new 12-day online course designed specifically for non-biology majors.  

BIOL 10700,  Human Genetics January 7-18, 2013
No prerequisites, fulfills general education science requirement

In this course we will explore real-world issues in human genetics with an emphasis on personal health, using videos, interviews, blogs, mini-conferences, and online research.  The 12-day course is fun, interactive, fast-paced, and personalized to the goals and interests of each student.  The course is centered around several core projects that give students the opportunity to explore topics of their own interest and research their own family history.

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For questions about the course, contact instructor Erica Marx at emarx@ithaca.edu or call (760) 301-6402.