Doug Funnie (and Porkchop) were once Orientation Leaders! Applications OPEN ON TUESDAY!


Contributed by Sarah Schupp

The 2013 Orientation Leader applications will be available, beginning on January 29, 2013.  Please visit the Student Engagement and Multicultural Affairs website for more information and application instructions.  Look out for our 1990's themed advertisements!

 The Office of Student Engagement & Multicultural Affairs employs 20 enthusiastic and resourceful students as orientation leaders to assist with summer new student and family orientation. The orientation leader staff will be representative of our diverse undergraduate population. When selecting candidates, we will be looking for a balance of academic year, areas of study, and cultural diversity. 

1990's Wiki Trivia:

“Doug was created by former Nickelodeon artist Jim Jinkins in September 1990, and produced through Jinkins' production company, Jumbo Pictures, Inc. Originating with an unpublished book, Doug's Got a New Pair of Shoes, by artist and series creator Jim Jinkins and writer Joe Aaron, the 1991 animated series Doug emerged on the Nickelodeon TV channel. The idea for "Quailman", an imaginary superhero whom Doug often pretends to be in the cartoon, was inspired by a similar superhero invented by Jinkins when he was younger. The "quail call" is based on Colinus virginianus (Northern Bobwhite quail or Virginia quail) even though the actual bird does not have an archetypal top knot as Doug displays with the belt on his forehead.”

 Check Out Porkchop’s OL Skills:

If you have any questions about the OL position or application please contact Sarah Louise Schupp, First-Year Experience Program Coordinator, at