Weight Watchers 360: Built for Human Nature


Contributed by Christine Haase

(Submitted on behalf of Samarra Mbenga, leader of the Weight Watchers At Work program at Ithaca College)

Happy New Year! Our total weight loss for 2012 was 1520.2 pounds!!!!  Will you be joining us to reach your goals in 2013?  

Our latest program, Weight Watchers 360 is built for human nature. Imagine making healthy choices and being active becoming as second nature as brushing your teeth. For anyone who has been disappointed by a diet in the past, Weight Watchers is here with a new approach to help make that life-changing dream a reality!

Expect to amaze yourself by reaching your health goals in 2013 with Weight Watchers 360!

Please refer to the Intercom announcement dated 12/20/2013 for meeting information. New registrants, please attend the second meeting for the month of January. I will go over the program with you from 1:00 to 1:30pm. If there is a conflict with your schedule, or if you have any questions, please contact me at samarram@gmail.com.

If you are undecided, you are welcome to sit in on any meeting one time at no cost.

Samarra Mbenga
Diamond Leader Award 2012, 2011, 2010
Jean Nidetch Leader of the Year Award 2010
Rookie of the Year 2009

-- Being inspired is not enough, being inspired to the point of taking consistent authentic actions, THAT is when our lives alter.