The First Year Residential Experience is Expanding!!!!


Contributed by Linda Koenig

The Office of Residential Life is excited to announce the continuation of the First-Year Residential Experience (FYRE) Program expansion so we can better meet the requests of incoming students who want to participate in FYRE. 

The current program is housed in Boothroyd, Rowland, and Tallcott and the East and West Towers. FYRE will expand to the Holmes and Hilliard Hall for the fall of 2013.

The First-Year Residential Experience provides a year-long intentional living-learning environment where first- year students will make a successful transition to the Ithaca College community. The program’s central focus is to provide a strong foundation for the college experience, offering meaningful connections with faculty and staff, a strong community environment, and programs and activities that foster good academic habits, positive peer relationships, and connections with the campus community.

If you have any questions about FYRE, please contact Ron Trunzo, Associate Director for Residence Life and Judicial Affairs, at 274-3141, or