Nicholas Walker, School of Music, Works with Students from the Royal College of Music and the Yehudi Menuhin School in UK


Contributed by Molly O'Shea Polk

School of Music Professor, Nicholas Walker, spent the week before Christmas in London and North Norfolk, UK, working with students from the Royal College of Music and the Yehudi Menuhin School. Caroline Emery, Course Director, Director of The Bass Club UK, and author of Bass is Best, invited Professor Walker to lead a series of technique classes, an orchestral repertoire, and performance masterclasses as part of Christmas Basses 2012.

Walker, Emery, and eleven students gathered at The Yorke Trust Creake Centre for an intimate session of intensive work and relaxed informal social gathering, cooking and eating together, and visiting the nearby countryside and beach.

The Yorke Center was founded in 1984 by renowned pedagogue, Rodney Slatford, "to provide opportunities for students and children from all walks of life to study and to perform in the un-pressurised atmosphere of the North Norfolk countryside, away from the competitive environment of university and school."